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Many years of experience have taught Ballabox that the best place to analyze a customer’s needs is at the place the cartons are used. We have extensive experience in machine filled applications and understand the different needs of this versus hand-packing. Ballabox utilizes a wide range of cutting knives, creasing rules and pre-breaking equipment to serve its diverse customer base. Ballabox has implemented many different methods of inventory management for its customers. Consignment warehousing, customized spreadsheet applications for Vendor Based Inventory Management and material resource planning have all been utilized in the past.

Other services Ballabox offers are Make and Hold Warehousing, Min-Max Vendor Based Inventory Management, MRP Vendor Based Inventory Management, Custom Packaging Design and CAD generated samples.

Unlike many folding carton manufacturers, Ballabox has a very diverse group of customers. This leads to many different solutions involving the carton’s design and the physical composition. We have often found that caliper or substrate change can provide substantial cost reduction. The only way to accomplish this is through prototype sampling and testing.

Ballabox utilizes Cimex folding carton design software to provide accurate and timely prototype construction.

Timely Quotations        
Ballabox should be able to provide quotations usually within a four-hour period not inclusive of exact die and plate charges. Our E-Mail is a T1 based system, which usually is monitored from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. We also can get estimates on dies from our die manufacturer by electronic means as well. We design the layout, E-Mail the CAD file and usually receive a quote back within 6 hours. We use the same Cimex CAD software as our die maker. This allows Ballabox to electronically transfer files to expedite both quotes and orders. We hope to implement a similar system with our printing plate maker. Regardless, unless unusual circumstances occur, all quotes are handled within a 24-hour period.

Other Services            
Ballabox will be willing to provide distinct case quantity and pallet design for effective materials handling, as well as labeling that will provide all desired information. We will also be able to implement a cost reduction plan that will have a six-month working window for review. In addition to folding cartons, Ballabox can provide custom sheeting, inserts, layer boards and specific corrugated containers in RSC, HSC and die cut configurations.