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Ballabox manufactures printed and plain folding cartons in the following styles and designs, as well as inserts, machine filled blanks a
nd other designs:
  • Two-piece beers type cartons with a distinct top and bottom
  • One-piece, automatic bottom cartons
  • One-piece trays, either beers or automatic bottom
  • Simplex cartons
  • Reverse and straight tuck side seam glued cartons
  • Side seam slider cartons
  • Machine filled seal-top, autobottom or seal bottom cartons
  • Other custom and insert tray cartons

Ballabox Company has served the Southeast United States for six decades primarily due to customer service. The organizational structure and experience of its personnel allow Ballabox to respond to questions and issues more expeditiously than most carton manufacturers. Ballabox's "Customer Driven" business principle allows for greater flexibility due to equipment redundancy.

We are innovators in carton design; this requires taking new approaches to old packaging problems. Due to its relationships with vendors, Ballabox can sample numerous designs and substrates for solutions to packaging problems. Also, our intense involvement with automatic-fill style cartson provides a comprehensive data bank of creasing and cutting rule solutions.

Ballabox has a broad base of customers primarily in the Eastern United States. Our success can be attributed to the principle that our customers deserve a relationship that insures a quality product with timely delivery at a fair price. This principle leads to a partnership in which all areas of the “product” are evaluated. In order to provide this, we have committed ourselves to a course leading to lasting relationships involving our customers, employees and suppliers. This course has Ballabox constantly striving to exceed our customers’ expectations. This principle of continued customer satisfaction will allow our continued success in the marketplace.

The linchpin for Ballabox's success can be summed up in one word; relationship. Relationships drive our company to provide your company with the best solution.

We want to protect the world we live in, and for that reason Ballabox is very involved in recycling. Throughout each working day waste material is baled and prepared for transportation to paperboard recycling centers. In addition, over 90% of the substrates used by Ballabox in its carton production facility are recycled. Ballabox provides its employees with receptacles for other recyclable materials.

Madison A Ballagh

Ballabox Company, Inc., a privately held corporation, is best known as a medium-sized manufacturer of folding cartons focused on specialty packaging for several industries. Our company was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1957 by Madison A. Ballagh. In 1965, we moved to our present site; Ballabox has expanded its facilities three times due to growth.